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2018 Toyota Corolla vs 2018 Chevy Cruze

What's the number-one thing that you want to get out of a new car? Affordability and fuel economy are two very popular answers, but they aren't the only ones. For most new car shoppers, the quality that they want more than anything else is an enjoyable driving experience. When your everyday driving experience is smooth, comfortable, and simply satisfying, the rest can take a back seat.

Naturally, not all cars can deliver an excellent driving experience day in and day out. Some of them just can't help but fall short. Such is the case in our 2018 Toyota Corolla vs Chevy Cruze comparison. As you can see in the chart below, there are several key differences between these two sedans, but the big ones involve the comfort and convenience of each car's driving experience.

2018 Toyota Corolla


2018 Mazda3

$18,600 Base MSRP $16,975
Standard Cruise Control Available
Standard Adaptive Cruise Control N/A
41.4 in. Rear Legroom 33.2 in.

Key Differences – 2018 Corolla vs Cruze

One of the most important features for everyday driving—especially for people who have longer commutes or do more daily driving than the average Joe—is cruise control. The versatility and significance of this basic feature can be overlooked fairly easily. In other words, it's easy to take it for granted, but you'll notice its absence quickly, especially if you use it regularly in your day-to-day travels. The same is true for adaptive cruise control but to an even bigger degree.

Not only does adaptive cruise control maintain the speed of your vehicle, it also maintains a safe distance between you and the car in front of it. The latter function is done by autonomously increasing and decreasing your car's speed to match that of the car in front of you. Simply put, adaptive cruise control can play a huge role in reducing your concerns behind the wheel. Better yet, the Corolla also provides its passengers with more than five additional inches of rear legroom.

As one would imagine, this can make a world of difference for tall and long-legged passengers. After all, if you're comfortable behind the wheel of the Corolla, then it's only fair that your rear passengers are comfortable in the back seats, too. Suffice it to say, many sedan shoppers agree that the 2018 Toyota Corolla vs Chevy Cruze comparison is a big win for the Corolla and its next-generation driving experience.

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