A front left quarter photo of the Toyota Corolla Cross.

Nobody would be mad about another Toyota crossover SUV to consider

What is the Toyota Corolla Cross? 

Anytime we get a Google alert regarding the Corolla, our team takes notice. Recently, our team came across an interesting news item regarding a potential new member of the Toyota crossover SUV family. So, what is the Toyota Corolla Cross? Assuming it comes to American dealerships, like Alamo Toyota, it will offer buyers yet another compact crossover SUV option for customers to consider. According to an Autoblog article, written by Jonathon Ramsey, a potential Toyota Corolla Cross will slot-in behind the Toyota RAV4 and be a more traditionally designed equal to the Toyota C-HR. We’re still waiting for an official announcement from Toyota to see if it will come to America. Our team was excited to share a few things with you. 

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Estimated Performance Specs

It’s very important to point out that all of the figures we’re about to share with you are estimates. The international Toyota media site published some preliminary performance figures designed for buyers in Thailand, were the Corolla Cross appears to be debuting first. More information will be available when it is officially announced that it will be available in the United States. 

According to the information available on the Toyota Global Newsroom, the Corolla Cross will be powered by a 1.8-liter, four-cylinder engine that will make approximately 140 horsepower and 130 pound-feet of torque. This is about the level of performance produced by the Corolla sedan. However, it is entirely possible that it could make more power. 

Additionally, the international information page about the Toyota Corolla Cross also has an entry about a hybrid version. This isn’t out of question for coming to town either. 

How much space will it have? 

There isn’t much information available about the exact physical dimensions for the Toyota Corolla Cross. However, our team did a little math on the back of an envelope to reveal that it should have at least 17 cubic-feet of cargo volume – similar to that found in the current Toyota C-HR. Again, these numbers are subject to change as well. 

Be sure to stay tuned to the Alamo Toyota Blog for more information about the Toyota Corolla Cross. If you don’t want to wait to take home a new Toyota crossover SUV, make an appointment with one our product experts today.