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How to tell if your Toyota needs new tires

Tires. For many drivers, tires are the last thing they think about. Tires aren’t exactly an exciting vehicle purchase, but quality tires are essential. That said, how do you know if your Toyota needs new ones?  

By far the best way to check the quality of your vehicle’s tires is to look at the amount of tread left. An easy way to do this is by using a penny. Simply put the penny with President Lincoln’s head down into a tread on the top of the tire. Then stand in front of the tire at eye level.

Close-up of a tire

Can you see the top of Lincoln’s head? Then your Toyota’s tires are good to go and you can keep driving. If you are able to see Lincoln’s head and there is a gap between his head and the top of the tread of the tire, then that is an indication that your Toyota needs new tires ASAP.  

Why are good tires important? 

Having tires with low tread causes a variety of issues that left unattended can cost you big bucks. Not only can bad tires cause poor wheel alignment, but it is also a major safety hazard. Your tire needs enough tread to be able to grip the surface of the roadway, especially in poor weather. Without good tires with enough tread, it can be difficult to keep control of your vehicle in rain and snow.  

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