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2020 Toyota Tundra with trailer

How powerful is the 2020 Tundra?

2020 Toyota Tundra Engine Specs and Towing Capacity 

The 2020 Toyota Tundra is a powerful truck that can take who and what you want with you. The Toyota Tundra is designed with high performing performance equipment to help you get the job done right. We want to tell you more about the 2020 Toyota Tundra engine specs and towing capacity to help you find out if this vehicle is right for you.  Read the rest of this entry >>

What are the best vehicles for football?

Best Toyota Vehicles for Tailgating 

The NFL regular season is right around the corner. Football fans will be pooling into the parking lot of football stadiums around the country every week. If you want to root for your team in person, you’ll want a vehicle that’s right for tailgating. We have several Toyota models to show you. Let’s take a look at the best Toyota vehicles for tailgating to find the one for you.  Read the rest of this entry >>

red toyota tundra in the desert

Consider Your Options for Interior and Bed Sizes With the 2019 Toyota Tundra

What Are the Cabin & Cargo Bed Size Options for the 2019 Toyota Tundra? 

The Tundra is Toyota’s full-size pickup truck, but that doesn’t mean that one size fits all. The 2019 Toyota Tundra comes in a few different sizes, with two different cab sizes and three different bed sizes, and we’ll walk you through those cabin and cargo size options below. 

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Passenger side exterior view of a blue 2019 Toyota Tundra

What are the Engine & Towing Specs of the 2019 Toyota Tundra?

2019 Toyota Tundra Towing & Engine Specs

A chrome-laden front grille, front and rear bumpers as well chrome accents all over the exterior provide the perfect contrast to the 2019 Toyota Tundra’s bold body lines and lively color choices.  It is easy to be attracted to the exterior appeal of the 2019 Toyota Tundra but it is the Tundra’s interior amenities and powerful and efficient engine options that will turn that initial attraction into a long-term love affair.  The 2019 Toyota Tundra offers two engines, either a 4.6L V8 or a 5.7L V8 for additional horsepower and torque but both of these available engines provide the 2019 Tundra with the towing and engine specs that you need to get the job done. Read the rest of this entry >>