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The vehicle in your driveway needs a little attention during quarantine, too

How often should I drive my car during quarantine? 

Hopefully, you, your family and loved ones have been doing okay during quarantine. Obviously, the most important thing is to keep people safe. As long as that is well taken care of, we can turn our attention to other things, like your vehicle. If you’re adhering to the Texas shelter-at-home order, you’re weekly driving has probably gone down quite a bit. If you’re wondering, ‘How often should I drive my car during quarantine,’ the Alamo Toyota Service Department is here to help. Letting a vehicle sit in the driveway too long can cause several problems. A few of our service technicians helped to craft this handy guide so you will always be able to rely on your vehicle. Let’s take a look at what they have to say.  Read the rest of this entry >>

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Alamo Toyota remains open for service and sales during state shutdown order

Can I get my car fixed during the Texas Shelter at Home order? 

The onset and demonstrated danger of COVID-19 has required every Texas citizen to make some major changes to their daily routine. The original executive order signed by Gov. Greg Abbott is slated to end on or around April 30. However, there is still quite a bit of time between now and when the order is hopefully lifted. If you’re wondering, ‘Can I get my car fixed during the Texas Shelter at Home order,’ Alamo Toyota in Sant Antonio is here to tell you yes. Automotive service and sales have fallen under Gov. Abbot’s essential business carve outs, and we’re ready to help you with what you need.  Read the rest of this entry >>

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Should I get my Toyota serviced at a dealership?

Toyota service center in San Antonio, TX 

You may be wondering what the benefits are for servicing your Toyota vehicle at a Toyota dealership. Below, you can read about some of the benefits that we consider a top perk of getting service done here at Alamo Toyota. Of course, the best way to decide is to give us a try and see what you think of our service center. 

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What is covered under ToyotaCare?

There are many benefits that come with a new Toyota. From the warranty protection to the long list of innovative driver safety aids, every new Toyota car, truck and SUV has a lot to offer. Aside from all the wonderful features, perhaps one of the most exciting benefits of owning a Toyota is the standard ToyotaCare protection. It includes 24-hour roadside assistance, no-cost maintenance and much more. That said, here’s a closer look at what is covered under ToyotaCare.

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What does the "maintenance required" light mean in my Toyota Vehicle?, text on an image of red vehicle warning lights against a black background

What Does the Blinking “Maintenance Required” Light Mean in My Toyota?

No matter what kind of driver you are eventually your Toyota car, truck, or SUV will require service and repair.  Staying on top of oil changes and routine maintenance helps to reduce unforeseen issue with your vehicle but it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t have the unexpected repair arise.  Then there is the dreaded day when you start your Toyota vehicle and your dashboard warning lights sparkle like it’s the Fourth of July.  One of the most common warning lights in late-model Toyota’s is the “maintenance required” light.  Find out exactly what the blinking “maintenance required” light means in your Toyota below. Read the rest of this entry >>